Welcome to the skin downloading page. On this page you can find and download all of the skins on the site!

To download a skin, simply click the big download button beside the skins name!



Hey guys, Bradicool here, welcome to the site!

This page (as you probably guessed) is for Skins. I’ll tell you how to add your own skins to your own charcter and all other animals (or mobs, as some people call them).

Also, you can download a few ones that we have made and other people have made.

Hope you enjoy using the skins and our site!

How to Add a Skin

  1. Make 2 folders. One called ‘Minecraft’ and one called ‘mob’ (no capitals on ‘mob’)
  2. Put the Minecraft game opener in the ‘Minecraft’ folder and put ‘mob’ there too.
  3. Now, this is the tricky bit. Get your new skin (it should be a very small resolution like this) and call it ‘char.png’ (this is the same for changing other animals and monsters skins except they have a different name. Go here to find all the names.)
  4. Now put the ‘char.png’ skin picture in ‘mob’
  5. Open Minecraft and hopefully you should have a new skin.


First off, Skins for You!

My personal faveorite,

The Sophisticated Creeper! (or Business Creeper or Office Creeper.)

Worker Creeper

That wasn’t made by me, but its a great skin. Many thanks to and of course,  the SkinDex.

I LOVE MC Shirt (I Love Minecraft)

(image not available yet)

This was made by Warrio (Owner of site). The I LOVE NY (I Love New York) T-shirt is pretty popular in r / l, So finally, there is a I LOVE MC shirt!

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